Integrating OSM with Microsoft Access using VBA while offline

I have an app created in Microsoft Access. The app is installed on Windows 8 tablets. It is used on public transit vehicles, so there is no internet connection. Must work offline.

The user enters and address or intersection. Using VBA, the app connects to Microsoft MapPoint, verifies the address/intersection, and retrieves the lat/long. The app also can display a map of the location(s) if desired.

Unfortunately MapPoint is no longer supported so I am looking for an alternative. Is there a way to download and install the OSM database on a Windows tablet and retrieve lat/long data from it via VBA using Microsoft Access as the GUI?


So you want to have a kind of geocoding on a Win8 tablet, maybe with map display?

I am not aware of a solution out of the box, but maybe there are some hints in the OSM wiki for you: … but they are not offline, I think. … to get a general overview … but also search for “offline” on

See also some previous links here that might help:

(obviously Android != Windows but there are some offline links there)