Installing several GroundTruth generated maps in MapSource

I’m probably being rather slow here. I’ve generated a number of maps in GroundTruth, but the registry entries seem to overwrite each other. I’ve tried installing with MapSetToolkit, but have forgotten the particular sequence I’ve used to get good registry entries in the past. So when I’ve got two registry entries, MapSource crashes.

Basically, I’m trying to generate transparent overlays (some with non-OSM compatible data - derived boundary data) which can be downloaded onto the Garmin. My problem is that GroundTruth always seems to generate the .TYP, .TDB etc and the registry with product code = 1.

MapSource is 6.11.6, GroundTruth is

Any advice would be welcome.


Can you post command-line options you’re using?

There’s command-line options you can use to change the productcode or family code

  --fc, --familycode=code
                         Garmin map family code (integer, default value is 1)
  --fn, --familyname=name
                         Garmin map family name
  --pc, --productcode=code
                         Garmin map product code (integer)
  --pn, --productname=name
                         Garmin map product name

Probably not that helpful because I tried most of them before posting here: also editing in Map Composer.

My basic command line is :

.\GroundTruth makemap --osm=xxxx.osm --rules=Rules\xxxxRules.txt --mi=97010000 
-fc=2 --mapname="xxxx" --op=Map_xxx -param=Transparent:Y 2>xxxx.error.log

I also tried it with changing the product code.

As far as I can see the problem arises with a conflict with #_add.reg files. I’m sure I’m missing something basic, but any help appreciated.


I have broadly sorted out this problem following up the hints given: I now use all the above options, and keep my maps in separate directories. I think before the problem was that I was not changing product code and the registry install was overwriting the previously installed map.

I now have overlays of : no-name streets (very useful as I can’t use the big Cloudmade IMG); OSGB (for biological recording); County boundary (for biological recording); cake-slice boundaries; and (a bit sad this one) 1,2,3 km circles from the house to enable me to see which unmapped areas are closest. I also have transparent SRTM contours via the Scottish Mountaineering Club page.

I’ve put my draft no-name rules on the wiki.

Thanks to Breki for this very useful tool.