installing OSM into Mapsource with Mapsettool kit v1.77

I have done this few months ago and it works, but my laptop crashed recently so I have to reinstall everything from Windows Vista to Mapsource.

Now I have problem installing the OSM maps into Mapsource. Thoguh everything seems to run fine when I selected all the map img files in Mapsettoolkit and checked Install in Mapsource, at the end of an apparently successful run nothing shows under the pane “Mapset Installed”.

I tried to use the INSTALL tab by importing the registry, a msg pops up that says Cannot install mapset into mapsource

When I compare the files created this time with my backup, I found that a file 63240000_MRD is missing this time. Instead a new file with .MP extention is created. The rest of the files are the same (i.e. .TDB, .MDX)

Wondering if I have done something differently this time?

Thanks for helps!

Normally in MTK all you do is select the TDB and MDR files and that’s it. I don’t remember having to select individual img files.

Are you running MapSetToolKit as an administrator? I think that is necessary for installing maps.

by that i mean selecting all the tiles found in the directory listed under “Source Img Files” for one OSM map

yes, i am.

try dbl clicking on the .reg file, created by Mapsettoolkit ; this should create a entry in the registry and so be picked up by mapsource and mapsettoolkit
More than likely this is blocked due to a permission issue.
rightclick on icon → properties, security

you are absolutely right! just dbl clicking on the reg file and the map is now in mapsource. thanks a million!

also the mapset now shows up in mapsettoolkit as installed.

I’m glad it works