Installing more user-generated maps?

I’m aware the generated maps at have the same ID and that this can be changed using the JaVaWa GMTK tool. From the comments here in the forum and at other web pages, that seemed do the trick.

However, even after changing the ID and renaming first map via GMTK, the osm_generic_windows.exe for the second map prompts “OSM generic routable is already installed. Click OK to remove the previous version and continue installation or Cancel to cancel this upgrade.” And the OK / Cancel buttons do exactly what it is said here (even if it is installed to another folder, the original one gets emptied).
This seems as a standard Windows installer check which is understandable. This is caused maybe because GMTK does not rename the uninstall info for the map in Windows registry (located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\OSM generic routable).

I can imagine one could install NSIS, load the tiles instead of the installer exe, patch the script to rename the app, compile it and use the new installer. Or, it might be also possible to patch the registry.
Is there any recommended way how to have two user-generated maps installed in parallel? I do not mean to install several country maps and compile the gmapsupp.img in Mapsource which would also work; the possibility to have several small individual maps seems more pleasant for me.

Selecting a name for the created map at could solve it even if all the maps still have the same ID as that can be changed by GMTK (it would also be nicer to see the name in the device instead of the generic one). But I understand such feature has a low priority for the authors.

You need to change ID, map names AND the folder name to keep the old map. In that case the uninstall info doesn’t do harm anymore (because the uninstaller won’t be able to find the files).

I see. That might work, thanks for the tip. However, that creates problems in future. Such moved maps cannot be regularly uninstalled exactly because the unistaller does not find it, and also you would not see correct info in the installed application list. But better than nothing.
I may be wrong, but a clean solution would be either GMTK changing the registry unistall info too, or the map generator should produce “different apps” for different user-generated maps.

You can uninstall the maps with GMTK.
GMTK doesn’t change the registry uninstall info, because I would have to create routines to provide for every possible installer (the registry stuff is just a part of the uninstall info). Pleas note that GMTK isn’t designed to manage maps from only; it also manages Garmin or other third party maps.