Installing maps to Garmin

I’ve been trying to get OSM on my Nuvi 205w via SD card as well as USB mass storage. It doesn’t appear to be working. I’m downloading the latest img file from here: I change the name to gmapsupp.img and put it in the garmin folder. The reason I know it’s not working is because my street is mapped incorrectly as going all the way through to a perpendicular street on OSM but it is mapped correctly on the Garmin map. When I install the img file, it is still mapped correctly.

Am I doing something wrong?


I did notice that on starting up when it shows the copyright info, it also shows contributors. The maps still look the same though.

Be sure the OSM map is selected:

From main screen select ‘Tools’ / ‘Settings’ / ‘Map’
Select ‘Map Info’
Check the ‘OSM Street Map’ type and uncheck ‘City Navigator…’

Looks like it is. There’s a check mark next to:

family name
[1] OSM street map

Never knew that menu was there! I just deselected the basemaps and it looks like it works the way I expected it to. I assume this means that the basemap always overrides anything extra?

Thanks for the hint! I never would have found that on my own!