Install maps on Oregon using Mac OSX?

One of my users emailed extensively with me to get the maps on his Mac and Oregon GPS. I don’t have a Mac but we managed to get the map installed in BaseCamp. Now he’s trying to get the map on his GPS when he emails:


Does the Oregon know about maps in “/garmin/maps/” or should he move the maps to the parent directory?

I hope someone can help with this.

No, the “gmap” format is not the right version to put on your GPS, it should be the gmapsupp.img (or renamed to whatever.img if you want to install more maps on your Oregon).

This img file must be placed into a folder called garmin, not in a subfolder called maps.
Remove all the gmap files from the SD card, they dont work. Move the img files one level lower and it should work. Rename OSM generic Routable.img to something shorter (max 8 characters?).

A good tool to check if the the maps are correctly installed is the Javawa Device manager. It has also a report function to create a report that can be submitted online for further diagnosis by experts (if necessary).

Also remove the gmap file from the subfolder “Custom Maps” , only real custom maps with the extension .kmz are working in this subfolder.
The maps are on the Mac, Basecamp is installed. You can also use Mapinstall to install the maps on the Gps.
And yes: JDM is the tool to check !

This may sound stupid, but i’m new to this. I installed the OSM map part of Toscane - Elba on my Garmin Oregon 600. On the config screen i can see the file as OSM generic routable (new style). When i activate this map i can see the coordinates and a blue arrow. But the screen is white. Is this normal that i can see no roads or other objects since at the moment i’m still in Belgium. Is it correct that i will only see the map when i arrive in Toscane ? Or how does this works ?

Make sure other maps are off, except the world base map and OSM map. The world base map needs to be active so you can see where you are.
You can turn your gps receiver off (demomodus) and scroll anywhere on the world, dont have to be physically in Toscane.
Zoom in close enough to see map details.

tanx !