instal osm on GPSmap 62s-Basecamp-how to do on mac os-x 10.11.6


I am not so good in text so excuse me for my dyslectic head, to much text here :slight_smile:

I want to instal a downloaded map from openstreetmap, i have “OSM generic routable.gmap” and a “gmapsupp.img”
i want to instal it to a 16 Gb micro sd card in my GPSmap 62s.
I have a macbook pro os-x 10.11.6
i instaled Basecamp, Express, Mapinstall and mapmanager on my mac.

Now i have an old map i want to delete but i don’t know how.

I did it befor but now i feel lost.



ps, if this is at wrong place, excuse me for my ignorence.

Hi Coendalini, did you visit this site ? and read all the remarks in the FQA questions ?
You question should be there. And take a pick out of the map / region of youre needs.
The downloaded map (file) is ready to store on a micro card to place inside your GPS.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the help. It seems to be verry usefull to name the Microsd card: “GPSDATA” and folder: “Garmin” :slight_smile:

Sofar the update via sd card succesfuly hapend.