Inserting multiple POI's by a file

Although I’m working over 15 years with digital map data I’m pretty new to OSM.:confused:

What I consider as real good and useful idea are the information in Open Fire Maps. Unfortunately the hydrants in our village are not in. If I get the data from the municipal administration, is there a way to create a XML or CSV (maybe also Json, but there I’m not really familiar with yet)-file to import all hydrants at once?
Where do I find a description how to indicate (in this case) that it’s an upper or lower version and which diameter it has?

Hello TDiger.
Please follow the Import Guidelines

Yes, there are many ways for mass imports, but I think the article above explains general guidelines and is not a technical how-to. (Do we have a technical import / bot guide?)

The hydrant Wiki Page seems to have a documentation for diameter.

I don’t know what “lower and upper versions” mean, but generally in OSM, you should search the Wiki and TagInfo to see if / how others already tag this. If there are no existing tags for it, you can create your own tag and you should document it in the Wiki, See Any_tags_you_like. Prior discussion (typically at the tagging mailing list) is recommended.

I think he is looking for fire_hydrant:type=underground/pillar/wall/pond