Ingin menambahkan jalan yg belum terpetakan

Saya menambahkan jalan yg belum terpetakan, namun sudah satu hari jalan yg saya tambahkan belum muncul di Openstreetmap versi user? terutama di aplikasi lain katakanlah (Taxsee Driver dari Maxim) yang menggunakan Openstreetmap dalam aplikasinya. Kenapa seperti demikian apakah ada penjelasan dan solusinya?

Updates to the OpenStreetMap database are immediate once your save them. If your change appears on in a different browser then it has been successfully saved. OpenStreetMap does not control the update frequency of third party applications using OSM data. Their updates can be anything from daily to every few months. Some never update the maps they are using.

If you have successfully uploaded the new information to OSM, then you need to contact the app maker to get them to update their side of things.