information not shown on the map

At these coordinates: 15.33625/38.93891 there is the Eritrean Tourism Office. The data is there but it is not shown in the maps. Does anybody know what’s the reason? Neighbouring cafés that were edited at the same time are visible on the map…

It is shown on the map:

The map is the data, not a particular rendering of that data. There is too much data to show all of it on any given rendering, and the standard rendering does not include offices, not even government offices.

However government office is not really precise enough for this use, and you should look into tourism=information.

Are you sure it is called Tourism Service Centre? Or is that just a description?

Thanks for your answer; I’m not quite sure about the exact name. But I actually did not create the knot, I just added information around and after this I could not find the tourism office on the map any more but it is a very important place – at least for foreigners in Eritrea. I changed name and category, but I’m still not happy with the results. Of course when there is too much information not everything can be shown but even when zooming in at least the symbol should be there, shouldn’t it?
PS: now it’s fine, the “i” symbol is smaller so it appears on the map.