[Info] Visualize OSMers activity by the day, hour, minute (KMLs)

Hello all, :slight_smile:

Just a little post (and update) for those who haven’t followed the mailing-list few days ago.

It’s possible to “visualize” OSMers activity (minute, hour, day) via KMLs in Google Earth/Maps, Open Layers/OSM map, etc.

For those interested you will find links and more informations here (“OSM Aware”):

The automatically updated raw KMLs are here:

Few recent web examples:

Last available minute (via Google Maps API)
Last avaiblable hour (via Open Layers/OSM)
Last available day + stats (via Google Maps search, around 500 ko)


There are different KML versions (placemarks, polygons,…) but they don’t show ways. There are not intended to compare or help mapping but just to give an “awareness” of mappers activity around.

Cool use of the osm change logs :slight_smile: Question: what determines the color of the pins? I can’t find any logic between red, blue and yellow…

Edit: Oh wait:

  • red: one or more nodes deleted
  • blue: one or more nodes or ways added
  • yellow: only updates to existing nodes/ways

Is this correct?

Nearly :wink:

There are three versions of kml

v1: one placemark per node (used in the minute activity example here, v1 is big for a full day, up to 10 Mo kml so you need to have the right PC for that)

Yellow=Node created
Blue=Node modified
Red=Node deleted

v2: polygons instead of placemarks, same color scheme as V1 (V2 is lighter than V1 in size)

v0: is a summarized version with only one placemark per user.

Red: at least one deletion has been done
Blue: at least one modification has been done but no deletion
Yellow: only creation has been done

So red are main the suspects :smiley:

And for the same price the last week of activity - week 19 (warning: 3.4 Mo) :smiley:


(I’ll add a week stats description and experiment other ways a little latter)