Info about new and unread comments

When I open this site, numbers of New and Unread message are shown in the top row. After I have read och dismissed these, the top row shown zero new and unread messages.

But my profile icon, top right, shows often a blue number, and I assume shows messages which I haven’t read or dismissed. When clicking on my profile icon a list of messages are shown, with some marked with blue. What does this mean? What is the point of these? I have already dismissed all new and unread!

(I have read the user guide but didn’t find any answer on this).

The icons next to the notification tells you what you are being notified about. You probably have received likes, a badge or something else that is not a new message.

Most of these messages in my profile list, are marked with a left-arrow (=new message).
But I have already dismissed all new messages (as shown in the top banner)?!

A left arrow means that someone has replied to you, not (just) that there is a new message.

Why it behaves this way – who knows. Perhaps the system assumes that you want read every reply and makes sure you don’t accidentally dismiss it along with the other content of a thread.

No, the marked message has no replies to me (could be some but most don’t).

For exempel in my profile list is marked new replies in the “Help and Support” category, which is category I have as “Watched” in my preferences. So I understand why these messages are marked in my profile list. But I don’t understand why these are not unmarked, after I have dismissed/read alla New and Unread messages.

Is it possible to post a screenshot of the notifications that are not going away? Thanks!

The arrow means “new post”.

If I understood corretly, when you click on those unread the blue highlight is not going away?

Can you try to fully-reload the site (Ctrl+shift+R)?

When I click on a blue message, the marking of the message in list is removed.

If now done a reload of the site in my browser. Let’s see if it makes any difference.

Where you able to solve your problem?


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No the problem remains.
I have in my Preferences-Notifications/Categories deselected everything in Watched, Tracked and Watching First Post. And I have Muted everything I’m not interested in.
But I still get marked threads with new messages in my profile message list.
Not a big issue though.

Are those the same messages from your previous screenshot or new ones? If new ones, probably you are still tracking or watching that category.

I have experienced this little bug also. After reading all “unread” messages, the blue notification number at my profile picture did not disappear, what it normally does, unless there are notifications, which are NOT replies but some other stuff (mentionings, new badges etc.).
As far as I remember, after clicking on the profile pic the notification list showed exactly those posts which I had just before gone through in the “unread” list. Clicking on one of them made the blue number disappear. I did not pay much attention but will take a better look if it happens again.

I have now only categories selected in the Categories Muted list. And nothing selected in the others categories (watched, tracked, watching first post). And now the profile list shows only notification which I expect.

But I still think the notifications I got, before I changed notification settings, were unlogical and confusing.

Since people here have limited control to solve discourse-specific issues, I suggest you report this behavior upstream so it can be investigated by developers who can provide better insights on what could be happening