Industrial or housing estate in address

Hi, Is there a recommendation on how to add the name of an industrial or housing estate to an address of a building or node within that estate? I can’t see anything in the address tags that maps to it correctly. Maybe addr:housename or addr:suburb, but neither are really correct.

So for example, if I’m adding an address to a unit in an industrial estate I might want something like the below, but obviously addr:estate or addr:complex aren’t standard tags. Any recommendations? Thanks.

addr:housenumber=Unit 5b
addr:estate(??)=Testville industrial park OR addr:complex(??)=Testville industrial park
addr:street=Long road

I too would like to get some recommendations on this, as my purpose with updating OSM is to create a local manufacturing supply chain association. Updating the industrial parks, buildings, warehouse and other locations is my primary concern.

The industrial estate can be mapped as an area:

name=Testville industrial park

Thanks, but I’m referring to an address for a building within an industrial estate.

I guess either addr:estate or addr:complex might be good options, but neither are part of the standards and don’t want to just use made-up tags unless there is a general usage of it.

There’s addr:unit=5b. Notice on wiki, its definition is actually an independent part in a larger compound, not the shop/office/apartment “unit” we commonly use in daily life (which may more correctly be addr:door=). Then you can free up for addr:housename=Testville industrial park.

Apparently suggests addr:substreet=, but I’m not sure I like it, or there is much support yet.

I would like to note my view is influenced by my country’s situation, where a housing estate can be given a single house-number, with nothing for the buildings, and sub-buildings.

Sometimes there are multiple landuse=industrial enclosing each other (which I don’t like either). This may not always work reliably.
Ideally there should be a *=park feature for industrial parks, similar to shop=mall. Unfortunately in gnereal landuse=industrial + industrial= is such a mess.

My process is to add “sources” fields ‘local knowledge’ and ‘Zoning PDF’. Both are authentic because I live in the area, and I route the ways to create the area based on the village / city zoning PDF. The zoning PDF is not a geological survey, of course, it does not border on property lines. Therefore I create the area as they are bounded by roads and paths - instead of creating one big zone I create many small ones.

Then I add brand:wikidata because it anchors the area to the proper zone.

The rest I collect in my own database, because one warehouse building may have a hundred docks, and each dock maybe used by a hundred manufacturing entities. This data “the rest” is none of OSM’s concern.

What OSM is concerned about that cartographers make separation of sources (local, based on reliable and non-proprietary data), and the logical structure. For example, the area bounded by the ways (roads, driveways) could be part of the industrial park (relations).

This is the way I see it, is this accurate?

Thanks very much for this. The addr:substreet is probably closest to what I want. I’m working on Irish addresses, which are somewhat similar. I’ll check with others in the area if this is appropriate.