Indoor routing

Hey guys,

I was wondering if OSM can do indoor routing? I have tried to read through their wiki pages but none involving indoor routing. Unless I missed something here?

Thanks guys!

OSM is at its core, a dataset. Which is not capable of anything (well, apart from existing, if you count that).

So, what I think you are asking is does any software exist that can do indoor routing over OSM?

As for answering that, all I know is that there is some information on the wiki here

Yes, it do:

Hey, thanks for the reply. Will there be an API for this as well?

Currently, there is no separate API for indoor stuff. There are some proposals how to create one, but to the date there is no final decision, so all indoor data are currently mapped and stored and proceed with general tools.
Same goes for routing - you can use any if existing general purpose routers with pedestrian profile, like or or maybe something else -