Indoor positioning

If I understand it correctly, for buildings with multiple floors, I can specify different levels.
How would a smartphone know on which floor it is automatically? Google (and some other companies) use for example the signals from existing wifi and GSM masts to to do positioning when GPS is blocked.
Wouldn’t it make more sense to add absolute height (or elevation) to the different floors? Or is there another way to relate the position of my smartphone or tablet to the room I am in?
How do commercial Indoor Positioning systems solve this (elevation inside a building)?

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I’m not sure, but probably they don’t know height. I think that signal is per floor. Ex. If you have strong signal (wifi) from second floor you are on the second floor. Then they calculate the position. But I think, height can be important information in the future.


In the German magazine c’t (12/2014) you can find an article about indoor navigation discussing different technologies.

I would say, ignore this problem for now. If your smartfone can support one of this thechnologies and do it automatically, or you can switch in your app (which should be developed, but I think it´s not so extremally difficult) manually the level.


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I am working on a project which requires me to track the location of a object placed inside room. The object is not in field of view but is covered by something.I need to exactly deteermine the coordinates of that object. and then align that oject to an xray assembly.Please help


hi, I want you to know that indoor positioning should be as accurate as possible. For instance, these guys do great work - and you can find a tone of useful info on the page about indoor positioning.

Hi Mark, thanks for this. It is really help me.