indoor mapping project

Currently I am doing a Final Year Project. It is related to build indoor navigation for my college. I am using JOSM to build indoor map to upload in Openstreetmap. Just following the steps provided from this wiki page . But I have few questions/doubt about it. I need some guide

  1. How to do relations?
    -I can’t understand about the shell and building part role.
    -How to relate all the levels in buildings and all the rooms according to each level?

  2. How to draw route for indoor? walk pathway?

  3. How to show room entrance?

The shell is not too very important as far as I know, I would ignore it. The building relation links to the level relations as members, each of the level relations then link to each of the building parts (for that level) as members.

What do you mean by route, if it is a route, as in how to get from A to B, you probably want to include this seperately somehow.

If you have a room mapped as a closed way, tagged with buildingpart=room, you can tag a node (where the door is) with door=yes.

There are 2 approaches.
Please wait 2 weeks for thedescriptonof F3DB (Full 3d Building) in Wiki.
Mayby you can decide tagging details after them.

Best rergards,