Indian Lands shape files

Someone suggested I post this here as I had posted it originally in Q&A.

I have located shape files for all BIA administred lands in the US at the link below. The need for this becomes a legal issue for users. Entry onto Tribal Land is highly restricted, at least in this area. The only defense I know of to prevent arrest is to be able to demonstrate map error, it has worked for at least one person. Getting lost can get you arrested. So all mountain bikers, hikers, hunters, ATV riders up here carry a GPS. However the absense of Tribal Lands from OSM makes use of the OSM maps impossible.

I would like to get the data into OSM yet have had no luck in getting the Shape files converted to OSM files. will not run for me as I am missing a library I can not find anywhere with Google. The one converter I have found to work strips all identification information out and leaves traces only. Since the names of the tribes, etc is in the file, it would save a ton of work if that info could be preseved.

The shape files are goverment provided with no copyright, in fact this is the same source the TIGER data came from.

Have you tried the all the tools listed on this page?

I have not attempted anything of the sort yet. I just discovered this site today. My interest is logging ATV trails in Michigan, and I have a lead on shapefile data for them.