IndiaFOSS 4.0 - OSM India Stall and Talks/Workshops

The IndiaFOSS 4.0 conference is happening on 7th and 8th September, in Bengaluru

Like last year, OSM India has registered to be a Community Partner for IndiaFOSS 4.0, which provides an opportunity for a stall, breakout sessions and workshops at the conference (thanks to @contrapunctus for registering)

Suggestions are welcome for potential talks and workshop topics. Ideas for swag to give out or things to showcase to conference atendees at the OSM India stall are also invited. And if anyone would like to volunteer to help out with the OSM India stall at the conference, that would be great!

In case anyone would like to submit a talk themself, the conference CFP form closes on 30th June: IndiaFOSS 2024