Increase the number of tag words allowed

‘Tags’ is definitely a useful feature. (In that regard, I hope that those of you who write will use tags a lot.)

I can have up to five tag words, which I think is a bit small.
For example, if I’m writing a post, I should include a Korean tag, and I should also include an English tag for non-Korean users who might be interested.

Would you consider increasing the number of tag words allowed?

Additionally, I have tremendous gratitude and respect for the admins and techs who work so hard for the community.

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Tags can have “synonyms”, so we can ink the English word with the translated ones. See for example #deutsch

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It seems I’m not understanding it well.

Search results for ‘tag’ in English : 4 cases
Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 23-35-48 OpenStreetMap Community Forum

Search results for ‘tag’(태그) in Korean : 3 cases - English search results are not captured.
Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 23-36-21 OpenStreetMap Community Forum

We need to add the synonyms manually, so if you provide a list of pairs we can set them up.

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Maybe it would be better to open up a dedicated topic for that, where people can propose tag synonyms. Perhaps even with a list of already available synonyms in the first (wiki) post.

2 Likes took some finding, but seems to be a list of current tags. Where can we see current synonyms?

I want to ask without being too serious.

  1. Is increasing tag words such a difficult task?
  2. Is it easy to organize the tag words for every language, or is it just a matter of increasing the tag words?

If increasing tag words is a systemic challenge, I think it might be better to just live with the inconvenience.

No, it’s quite easy: max tags per topic is a side-wide setting which can be adjusted from the admin panel by users with the necessary privileges.

But defining synonyms could still be useful with a higher tag limit because I don’t see many users manually adding tags in multiple languages like you do.


Simple and clear.
Thank you.

P.s. Defining synonyms doesn’t seem to benefit non-mainstream languages like Korean, so I’m not interested.

Hmmm, interesting! I though it would be especially interesting to to countries where English is not so popular. I’d expect users in such countries would want that almost as much (or more) as translated forum UI.

For example, tag #hiking is in English. In Croatian it would be #planinarenje (and in Korean translation claims it would be #등산 - hopefully that is correct).

Thus, when Croatian user (who does not know English) types planinarenje in search box, if language synonyms are implemented, they would be shown all posts tagged with hiking. Same with Korean user typing 등산 as a search term.

I think it would be quite useful for people not familiar with English. Don’t you @adreamy think so? (and if not, why not?)

But I think implementing it would take more than a forum post with people writing their suggestions for synonyms there. Because there are new values appearing from time to time, and they should be added too, and without some translation-specific UI it would be hard to be notified and keep it updated.

The problem with idea of just increasing the number of tags and dual-tagging (e.g. adding both #hiking and #planinarenje in example above) is that it is only available in small subset of languages that original poster speaks (e.g. in my case I could add tags in Croatian and English only, I can’t add Polish or Korean or German or other languages), and of course even bigger problem that only the original poster can set tags.

So while Korean users will be able to find your posts @adreamy by using tags in Korean, they wouldn’t be able to find my posts about same tag in Croatian (even if they could read them via translation if they could find them).

Thus I think the synonyms idea sounds very interesting, if there are people willing to translate (at least most popular hundred or so) tags.


The maximum number of tags per topic has been doubled to 10.