Incorrect rendering of overlapping green areas (on default OSM web)?

I see a weird rendering problem: scrub is rendered correctly, or incorrectly “under” another green area with just the bushes drawn over it. In this case a big scrub is drawn under a meadow and over a grassland. There are 2 other smaller scrubs visible and drawn over everything as expected (those I’ve added more recently).
Is this a bug?
Is there some kind of hidden layers position?


url (if still there):

There’s indeed an overlap of a scrub and a meadow polygon, and at least
one of them seems to get rendered semi-transparently, or with some other
comp-op that combines the two fill patterns:


Yes it is. But some other scrubs (the smaller ones at top left) are rendered OK.
And I’d expect scrub/forest is always rendered above grass/meadow (and that mostly works)

Hm, can a meadow and scrub/forest occupy the same location? I’m not sure about the exact definition of the tags. But if the mapping is correct, you might want to report this as an issue with openstreetmap-carto, the style definition that is used for the standard map layer on

I think it’s logical they can occupy the same place.
I’ll report that :wink: