Incorrect Map location on RoyalMail

Hi guys,
Wondering if anyone could help, my address on the RoyalMail website is currently showing the wrong map location. I can see that RoyalMail is using OpenStreetMap on its website. I know how to add a new address on the map but does anyone have any idea on how to stop showing this wrong building for my address?

We can only help you if you give your address and the page where you are searching.
Last question is maybe here?

For clarification, which is wrongly located:

  • The Marker shown when you click on an address within the Postcode Finder?
  • An underlying address on the OpenStreetMap background layer? (I’ve just checked the latter and housenumbers are not shown, so it’s probably the former).

In the first case the issue is with the Royal Mail site not with OSM, in the second OSM. If the latter you can go to the OSM website and add a “Note” (bottom option RHS menu), which can be anonymous, just saying something like “incorrect location for address xx, anystreet” or similar.

Also there is a “Spotted a problem with this address? Tell us now” link on the map bit of the Royal Mail page.

Hi, I’ll assume you’re talking about 3 Bohemia Place, Fordham, Ely, CB7 5XJ. Then I would assume that the postcode is a temporary one as it is directed to the Ely Delivery Office. I suppose in due course a unique postcode will be issued for the estate.

Lastly, the Postcode finder map is not up-to-date with OSM data for the new estate at Bohemia Place, Fordham.