Incorrect changes were made to a map but no one noticed

Incorrect changes were made to a map but no one noticed. I cannot re-enter the correct data because I do not have the GPS track of the route available. I wanted to report the violation to someone but on the Openstreetmap map editor there is no error reporting, I didn’t find any support links and reports of errors or violations of incorrect modifications. Who should I contact to report this problem? Am I forced to forcibly reinsert the section of road removed incorrectly? Then if the person who made the mistake sees my change and decides to enter the wrong data again, how can I prevent it? Thank you

If the previous data was correct, you can simply revert the changeset that created the error.

Get in touch with the other mapper and try to understand what the problem is (maybe they are using obsolete data). You can comment their changeset or send a private message. If this doesn’t help and the user is actually a “vandal”, you can report it to the DWG that will try to handle the situation, blocking the user in the worst of cases.

Mentioning it here is a pretty good place to start :slight_smile:

If it isn’t easily resolveable, then there are other options - you can email to reach OSM’s Data Working Group; there’s also a “report user” option in the website UI.

Most “violations” are just cockups though - mistakes people made. Talking to the person involved in a friendly and polite way is a great place to start.