Include OSM as a map section on my website with own MySQL-Data

Hello community,

I would like to include OSM as a map section on my website and only display POIs or addresses that come from my own database - is that possible?
I use MySQL and PHP, JSON, XML if necessary. Is there an API for this and / or a workaround?
I’ve already got it done with GoogleMaps, but of course they want money for it if the result is to be displayed without watermarks and dark gray layers above … :frowning:

I would be very grateful for helpful tips / links.

Best regards and have a nice weekend!

Please tell us whether fits to your needs.

If not: why not?


@stephan75: That seems to be exactly what I’m looking for … let’s see how far I can get with geoJSON.
Thank you very much for the hint.

thank you, i had a similar question.
but so far, i only managed a straight line between points. Oops.
I’d like to show the route i am intending to walk, how do i do that?
sorry if that is a beginnersquestion…
i am trying Umap, the other one with javascript looks a bit more difficult to learn.


@Bomenvrouw, maybe Brouter is more suitable for you.

hello dear Bomenvrouw, FILMLAND MV, stephan75:)

good day.

thank you for raising this question!

thanks for Stephan75 and Sandal Man for the hints:


as Bomenvrouw i also had some similar questions - i will have a closer look at the linked sites.

thank you