Inaccurate border line between Israel and Jordan along the Arava

The border in OSM is very inaccurate, it’s easy to spot based on fields, roads, Strava trails etc.
The border in Google maps seems OK.
See a comparison here:
How do we proceed?

Google Maps seems better, but not completely correct either.

Google was only a demonstration.
This is a major issue.
I was adding a section of the Israel Bike Path, built for tourists, and it was crossing the supposed border a couple of times.
A while ago we had a free source for Israeli administrative areas; doesn’t it contain international borders on it as well?

I don’t see google to be a source for borders.
Specially the borders of Israel are sometime inaccurate and useless.
What I’m looking for the is typical border security road that usually has a fence on side of the other country. This road can be seen very good in sat images.
Of course I’m aware that the border itself is mostly not this road but this is a good indication.

BTW: also the border between dead sea and Kinereth is very inaccurate.
I tried once to fix it, by removing the border line from the Jordan river as the river is contantly moving but I just just small parts and didn’t wanted to destroy any imported border.

It would be great to get a very details official border line and copy it from there to be sure.

How about the data from MOIN you guys discussed here:

LSIB is maybe also a possible source.


What is the easiest way, then, to overlay this data on satellite imagery, and if accurate, import it?

Problem solved.