Improved rendering on osm carto

Are there any projects to improve the rendering quality on OSM bringing it at par with google? what’s more, there needs to be additional rendering of more features. some features cannot be rendered on carto.


Why should we reduce our quality?



Rendering different things differently is not the same as lower or higher quality, I think. And it works both ways. What features and renderings do you have in mind?

resorts, research institutions

Can be mapped. I don’t know about the rendering on any map including OSM, but if you wish you can put in a request with the developers of OSM Carto and other OSM-based maps.

are they within this forum? what category?


thank you?

Just in case you’re not aware, the maps that you see at are just examples of what you can do with OpenStreetMap data (and of course there are six map styles there - OSM Carto is just one of those six).

People absolutely have tried to create “Google-style” maps (Qwant Maps springs to mind as one example). There are plenty of other examples of “maps in a style that XYZ country or XYZ community would expect” made

If you can explain in a bit more detail where you’d like more detail to be shown, someone might be able to point to a map that already exists that shows that detail.


This map is rich in missing details, maybe that is the meaning of “Google-style”?