Importing GeoScience placenames

Hey everyone, aus data is in serious need of placenames, especially in regional areas. After numbers on 23 Oct data, there’s around 1,000 place:locality compared with GeoScience’s 19,000+. Since the GeoScience data is royalty free and just requires the commonwealth to be credited, i would like to import this dataset of locality names into OSM.

Before anyone points to discussing this on the import mailing list, i’ve already sent the email but thought it would be a good idea to put forward the proposal here as well.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Extract placename:locality nodes from OSM.
  2. Compare the name string with GA data to remove duplicates.
  3. Tag data with the following
  • placename:locality
  • name:
  • source:Commonwealth of Australia (GeoScience) copyright 2006.

Any other tag suggestions?

How did it work out, did it load back in ok?