Importing data from company owners using the service

Hello there! We are a service that helps business owners to update their companies’ business information on the Internet.
DbCL 1.0 license, because a business owner or employee of a published POI put the company data through our software.
Additionally, we validate each point manually on our own.
We are planning here to pre-publish links to future imports.

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source: local knowledge using

Uploaded to the forum in total over 100 thousand locations
We have a similar topic on the Russian forum:
and Ukrainian
And Poland

These imports ARE NOT OK. You have not followed improt rules. Local community was NOT contacted. We do not know the source of your edits. You’re changing names to YOUR understanding instead of local community understanding. Please STOP.

Good afternoon, Tomas. Please tell me how to correctly import these points and I’ll fix it.

Good afternoon. I am sending you points for checking before unloading them on cards:

Good afternoon!
I would like to present you our new corporate account
We don’t have any other accounts, all changes and additions will be carried out through this account. Have a nice day everyone! smile

Good afternoon. I am sending you points for checking before unloading them on cards: create paulini pigu lt, benu

You missed the idea. It is not me or somebody else who is to check the import. It is YOUR responsibility to check the data before importing it. If you do not have possibility to check - then do not import the data. Simple.

Good evening. We are checking the data, but it is important for us to hear Your or someone else’s opinion. :slight_smile:

You’re saying you’ve checked the data on the ground without coming to Lithuania?

If a new pharmacy point is being captured and you find another one in vicinity (say 20 meters), how do you know if a new pharmacy has opened or the old one was purchased by a different network?

Good afternoon! We check all information with the client, we also check on the company’s website. If we might be missing something, we ask you.

Without checking information on the ground - neighbouring objects, address etc. - such imports are not useful, they are harmful - they create work for people who actually know situation on the ground. Writing automated import is dead easy, anybody can do that, checking quality of a dataset on the ground is hard.

Therefore, we listen to your opinion and appreciate everything you do.

Note: this means your imports are not agreed with local community, are not checked, are not useful, are not wanted.

Good afternoon. Why is it not agreed upon if we import what the Client gives us? He probably knows his points better than anyone.

Good day to all! I would like to note the moment, all data that we upload to the OSM card, we transfer data on behalf of the Client. If suddenly you think that they are incorrect, I can provide the personal contacts of the owner of any company. I hope for your discretion. paulini topsport benu, paulini, pigu

If you’re not going to do any work - check on the ground, then do nothing. Import is one of the easiest things to do, schoolchildren can do it. Checking on the ground, comparing with surroundings is the hard thing, it is the only thing which gives VALUE. If you do not plan to give value - then do nothing.

I will contact those companies myself and describe your problematic activities to them if you persist on doing useless and harmful automated imports.

Good afternoon, Thomas. What are OUR useless imports? The client sends us the exact address with a pin on the location of the point. We check these points on the map and only then import them. To clarify some points, WE post all the information about the import on the forum.
Explain to me what our mistakes are.