Importing building in Quebec City from The Open Database of Buildings


I would like to import building footprints in Quebec City (Quebec) from The Open Database of Buildings as described here:

However, the OSMCanada Tasking Manager seems offline and I can’t find any other tasking manager for the area, so I’m open to suggestions.
Moreover, there aren’t any local communities of mappers in my city…

I’ve currently created a dedicated user account:

I will add buildings in small batches by subdividing neighborhoods

My procedure would be to crop the shapefile from the ODB for the area I’m working on, add the shapefile to JOSM using the opendata plugin, then adjust the Esri World Imagery to the buildings.
After that, I will copy 10-20 buildings, paste them to the OSM layer, orthogonalize and adjust each building, then repeat for all buildings.
Since it’s mostly residential buildings/houses, I will put the building=residential tag accordingly.

Do you guys think my procedure is fine, and do you have any recommendations/tips?
Thanks in advance

I suggest taking a look at the City’s data: Empreintes des bâtiments - Jeu de données - Données Québec, it may be better than the data from StatsCan.

Have you cross-posted this to the talk-ca mailing list 1?

This sounds like a good task, good luck to you.

You will want to add the import and import-proposal tags to this thread so people who comment on imports can find this easier

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Thank you for the reply,

I have looked at the City’s data in the past, but it’s licensed under CC-BY 4.0 which I believe is not directly compatible with the OSM license ( This is why I wanted to import from The Open Database of Buildings. If you think I’m allowed to use the City’s data, I would be happy to do so!

I also tried posting this to the talk-ca mailing list, but it says “Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval” because “post by non-member to a members-only list”, so I think there is something to do that I don’t understand to make it work.

And finally, I can’t find how to add tags to the thread ahaha

Thank you for your time

Yes it is CC-BY 4.0. Y
Have you tried to contact the city for permission?

You need to subscribe to the mailing list first in order to post. Getting moderator approval is going to take a while

Ok I will try to contact the city, then if I get a reply I will create a Wiki page for the import. If it is rejected or I don’t have a reply in two weeks, I will proceed with the Open Database of Buildings.

Once I receive the signed “Permission to Incorporate CC BY Data into OpenStreetMap” from this page, where should I put it?

I subscribed to the mailing list before posting there, I guess I haven’t been approved yet.

Thank you!

From the wiki page,

Les données d’empreintes de bâtiments sont intégrés dans OpenStreetMap

It looks like someone already did an import

If you get permission, I would simply create a page within that prefix


Nice thank you for the link