Importing a massive KML file into OSM

Hello all,

I am preparing a trip around the world by bike and have created a map on google maps with all the places I could visit on the way :

OSM seems to be so much better than google maps and I would like to display these points/traces and display them in a map integrated in a website that I am yet to make.

I am a beginner at OSM and don’t know how to code. After hours spent on the topic I haven’t found a simple way to do it. I have tried importing the KML file with portlatch but it didn’t work, I have tried other piece of website and could display the map on one but nothing more…

Can someone please someone suggest me a way for importing this map easily in OSM, that would be so helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Sorry no go,
Google’s copyright and license does not allow importing places/ways etc. derived from Google Maps into OSM.
Furthermore, any such import would have to be deleted right away to keep the OSM database clean of any data infringing other companies copyrights or license terms.


I think Mickael is more looking for a way to create an overlay out of his KML-File to display over OSM-Tiles on his web site. In that case an (illegal) import is not necessary.

There are some websites that are able to display a gpx-files over an openstreetmap.

One of them:
So, eventuelly you have to convert your kml to gpx using gpsbabel or similar tools.

To do this on a own website I think openlayers or leaflet has to be used.