Importation request for open data trees


I am a new Open Street Map contributor, I am working on the open data trees inventory in Europe and I am looking to make public data more reachable. I have collected big data sets from (and other websites) like Argenteuil, Barcelona, Cologne, Trädportalen and Madrid.
As indicated in the guidelines I first signed up for the mailing lists.

I know that the data to be imported must have identical attributes. For this I have prepared correlation tables which all line up on the same tree schema in order not to have disparate fields.

Do you think this data is relevant?
If so, what would you recommend to help me with this first import?

Thank you very much


I would tentatively suggest that large scale imports should not be attempted by users unfamiliar with OSM. There are many non-obvious pitfalls.

A first step for any import is to follow the Import Guidelines:

I started, an incomplete, page on Tree Registers: