Import vektora (Rijeka i Zagreb buildings)

Hmmm, what kind of grid? Like Tasking manager? We do have one running at if that can be used? Can you elaborate more how do you envision that “github grid” would look/work like?

We can also do some meeting / training on this. Online, of course

I would be interested.

First, a test of buildings from Overture. In my opinion they are much better than those of Rijeka:

By the way, a lot in this place needs to be improved. The buildings are drawn from Bing in this area, in my free time I will play around and improve the cities in the area a bit.

Something like this:

We can divide the whole country into squares, the ones in the picture are 10 km by 10 km. and you can prepare packets of data from each square. It will be a lot of work at once, but we can somehow focus on certain areas.

Here a comparison with what I uploaded last time.

I’ve recently stumbled upon MapSwipe tool, which has a nice quick mode to validate buildings. Perhaps that might be nice tool to use?