Import of bike rental stations (License compatibility)

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to update the data of the bike rental stations of the “Li Bia Vélo” network in Namur (the nodes are not up to date nor uniformed) and as the data is openly published I thought it might be a good exercise to learn about import.

However, after checking the license, I have some doubts whether it is compatible or not. Any help from anyone with more knowledge in licensing than I do would be greatly appreciated !

Here is the link to the operator licensing policy statement: JCDecaux Developer
My take on this is that the Open License 1.0 requires an attribution that would not be compatible with the ODbL but I’m not quite sure.

Thanks in advance for the help !

EDIT: Ignore what I said, see other replies

The Etalab license you linked seems not to have a Share-Alike condition. So yeah, from what I can tell, it’s not compatible. You could try and contact them to see if they’d be willing to change their license to something else. (might not happen. But you never know)

EDIT: plus keep in mind, straight importing without verifying the data also might not be great.
obv what you can do which would be against the license is to use the dataset to base your research on.
So for ex: you can look up locations that are listed in that dataset and use those to look up locations on Mapillary (streetview footage) and verify it’s there. Then your source is actually Mapillary and not the original dataset. (but you can’t import any details from the original dataset that you can’t see on mapillary footag in this case).

Anyone is free to correct me if I’m wrong

The licence should be fine for use in OSM.

It expressly says that it’s compatible with ODC-BY. ODC-BY is a subset of, and compatible with, ODbL.

You may want to get clarification that the attribution mechanism used by OSM (i.e. the Contributors page on the wiki) is sufficient. There is a standard waiver letter typically used for CC-BY sources that you could adapt.

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You have it the wrong way: under a Share-Alike license, content can be shared only under its original license, but importing non-SA content into a SA database is not a problem at all.


Thanks for the reply!

Regarding the validity of the data, I was planning a quick survey to check what information is available on site but as the dataset is published by the company doing the physical maintenance and up to date, I considered it trustworthy.