Import GeoPDF to JOSM

Can I get some tips on how to import a USFS MVUM georeferenced PDF into JOSM?
I can load it into Qmapshack with no issues, it picks up the projection and coordinates from the file. But when I try with JOSM, using Imagery->import PDF file, it doesn’t import the bounds & it isn’t clear how to use the plugin.
I’ve read this:
but it doesn’t seem to work. I get to the step with the popup placement dialog, but there is no preview and I can’t figure out how to use it.

Here’s a sample file:

and the web page:


Do you just want to use this as a background image? In that case you can probably use qgis to export tiles or generate a geojson or other “simpler” format.

Yes, just background image. Maybe I’ll try gdal, that might be easier than getting back up to speed on qgis.

If you accept it really easy, you can just epxort it to an image format with GIMP and use it as a background with the PicLayer plugin.

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I’ve found 2 methods to get what I’m after.
With an MVUM pdf, convert it to tiff with:
gdal_translate -co TFW=YES fname.pdf fname.tiff
The instructions were here:
The -co TFW=YES is required.

Possibly better, but a huge file, is download whole US shapefiles from:
There’s probly a way to crop these in qgis, but I don’t see a way to crop them in josm.
Note: I don’t intend to import this data, but I will use to look for missing or closed roads, and verify/update access tags.