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Hello there! We are a service that helps business owners update information about their business online.
DbCL 1.0 license because the owner of the company or employee of the publishing outlet hosts the data through our software.
In addition, we check each item manually by ourselves.
We plan to post links here for future imports.
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We want to publish company data Station 24 Fitness:
If you have recommendations please reply in this topic.

I’d expect a more detailed request for recommendations. Following your “up” and “new” links, I see several points of interest with a mixed bag of valid contact information since not every means of contact requires or accepts the whole URL. Some of them, like instagram, would accept only the instagram username. You should check this in the contact:* wiki page.

There is unconventional tagging regarding addresses, too. For example, user_address=Av. México 2539 Local 2do piso, Col. Ladrón de Guevara 44600. Guadalajara, Jalisco, presents numerous problems, as “user_address” does not exist as a key. It should be split into addr:street=Avenida México (without abbreviation), addr:housenumber=2539, addr:neighbourhood=Colonia Ladrón de Guevara, addr:postcode=44600 and even addr:city=Guadalajara, though, the last wouldn’t be required.

Thanks for the fast feedback!
Tag “contact:instagram” we cleaned. You’re right:)
As for the addresses, they are not published on the map, they are visible only to us in the OSM Conflator. Did I understand you correctly or did the coordinates of the addresses themselves seem incorrect to you?

Hi. No, no, you did understand correctly. I was just blindly trying to help, because I didn’t fully understand your request.

Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:
it’s a pleasure to cooperate with you!
If you have no comments - I publish on the map!

Attaching unimportant company updates Station 24 Fitness:
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello there!
We want to publish company data Dentalia:
If you have recommendations please reply in this topic.