Import data from business owners using the service Slovenia

Hello there! We are a service that helps business owners update information about their business online.
DbCL 1.0 license because the owner of the company or employee of the publishing outlet hosts the data through our software.
In addition, we check each item manually by ourselves.
We plan to post links here for future imports.
Documentation: Organised Editing/ - OpenStreetMap Wiki
Import/Catalogue - OpenStreetMap Wiki
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We want to publish company data A1:
If you have recommendations please reply in this topic.

IMHO, you can/should drop second part of adress_geocode which has “City multicipality of Ljubljana” or “**** regija”.

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Hi RocketDataa,

Thanks for posting here.

I think you should convert the addresses to the Openstreemap convention documented here and here. This way, you’ll adhere to current practice and make your data much more usable.


Thank you for your feedback and clarifications!
We want to say that the address is our landmark coordinates, and these data (tags) will be uploaded -

What is the purposes of two projects “up” and “new”?

The project “up” - is an update of already existing point tags on the map.
The project “new” - is about adding new locations

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Could you please add also following tags?
Seems like you have information already.
I have 2 more recommendations…

  1. Change shop to use “telecommunication;mobile_phone” which means it is both
  2. Add brand:wikidata=Q2280597

Yes, there is no problem for us to add “shop:telecommunication;mobile_phone” and “brand:wikidata=Q2280597”.
Regarding tags addr:housenumber, addr:street, addr:city, addr:postcode:
Please tell me and if I see that these data are not marked everywhere on the map, where can I look for correct information? We really don’t want to publish incorrect information, we try very hard to keep an eye on it.

You can find the documentation for how to tag addresses in Openstreetmap here.

You’d need to convert your address syntax to the OSM address syntax. It doesn’t look too hard a thing to do and might even be automated fairly easily.

For example, your address tags would need to be converted as follows to be compatible with OSM syntax:

RocketData: user_address=Grosuplje, Brvace 1a
Openstreetmap: addr:city=Grosuplje + addr:street=Brvace + addr:housenumber=1a

That’s great!

We welcome everyone!
Can we consult?
At the address Slovenija, City Municipality of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, ulica Ameriška, 4 is located Way: ‪A1 Slovenija d.d.‬ (‪143867461‬) | OpenStreetMap :

  1. “A1 Liveshop” is a virtual store, clients cannot physically come there, employees sit there - that is, the office:company category
  2. A1 Center Ljubljana BTC - store with the category shop:telecommunication; mobile_phone
    3,4) There are also 2 conference halls that can be booked by other companies, they are located in the same building and managed by Poslovni center Ljubljana

How many points can we place in this building?