Import custom 3d models to OSM

First of all,I’m very newbie here,and this is my first post so i apologize if i’m talking nonsense here.

So i wonder if it’s possible to upload somehow to OSM custom(personal) 3d models.

I have found this page for kendzi3d plugin in JOSM

as far i understand there are 2 methods,i’ve tried both- to link the custom models:

1: linking models through modelsLibraryInternalLayer.xml from kendzi3d.jar

2:linking models through pointModelLayer.xml from your own created folder inside {JOSM}\plugins\kendzi3d\

but none of them i got it to work.

And if,let’s say,the models was linked to JOSM i don’t understand exactly what to do after that;where you can see these 3d models?,you have to tag it?..
because i don’t see it anywhere,not in 3d menu or Kendzi 3d View or key/values tag

So if anyone knows how to do it and could help me it would be much appreciate it!

That function is created to make visualization of some tags of osm points as 3D models inside kendzi3d application. So in short it adds 3D representation for them. Obviously it is specific only to kendzi3d application and other osm 3D renders will present it diffidently or not at all.

To be clear, currently there is no general purpose library for 3D object used by multiple osm renders.

If you still would like to try with kendzi3d you can check how user Yopaseopor did library for traffic signs:

It’s not possible at all.

Ok I understand,so it’s not possible…pity!

I have some other questions,maybe especially for kendzi,about roofs…so i guess i have to start a new topic

Ok now i rembered that i saw some statues,or Eiffel tower - how can you model something like that?

Currently is not possible. You can model only shapes more like cubes. F4 map is simply using prepared model for Eiffel tower.

About tagging please look on Simple 3D buildings wiki page.

I wonder how did F4 map add the prepared model for Eiffel tower into the OSM buildings? I’d like to add some buildings for my cities. Can somebody pls explain?

It is super easy to add custom model to map built with OSM data: you need just to write your custom renderer, e.g. using Unity or Unreal Engine if you want to build game-like app. In my own renderer., it is handled via custom mapcss configuration where you can have specific rule for element with specific id. This rule can insert custom 3D model instead of using procedural generation.

Lots of years later, I found this topisc, looking for the same issue solution.

I am contacted by a group that is doing 3d model creation. They want to create 3d model of local fortress to be included in OSM.

They are not familair with OSM. I am not familiar with 3D modeling for OSM. How this can be done?

A model can be uploaded to and linked with OSM using 3dmr=* tags.

Fair warning: Renderer support is still quite poor (I think osmgo has it, and I’m working on completing support in OSM2World, but it’s not there yet).


I’ve uploaded model at I also added tag 3dmr=25 to

I am not sure it is OK. It seems orientation is not good.

Looks like you fixed it in the meantime? It was upside down in the first version, but looks good now. In general, if the orientation is flipped, that can be fixed by rotating or mirroring the model in a 3D editing tool.

Thanks for uploading the model!

Yes, we rotate the model. It is low resolution until we find out what else has to be done.
On model looks OK, but it clips when zoomed in.

A am sure it needs to be fine tuned to fit location but I found no way to check that out.

Unsure about the clipping. It may be a result of incorrect scale. 3DMR uses a coordinate system where 1 unit in each dimension is 1 meter, and all your vertex coordinates seem to be < 1.

Cool that you have a higher resolution available! :slight_smile: Has that been produced with a 3D scan?

A scan of an entire region will admittedly be a little challenging to include in OSM-based scenes because it’s different from what we had in mind when designing 3DMR. We were mostly thinking about models of a single entity (i.e. a 1:1 relationship between an OSM object, such as a building, and the corresponding model). Terrain, surrounding vegetation etc. would then be generated by the 3D renderer.

I understand it’s tricky not to have the feedback of a 3D renderer which includes these models. You could contact Karlos about whether you can expect this to be shown in osmgo.

Model is created using photogrametry. Drone is used to make number of photographs and then Meshroom to create cloud and 3D model.
I did not do that part so I cannot tell about details.

It is done only for the fortress. Creating model of larger area would require so much resources that is impractical.