Import concret information from privative maps

Hi, I’m new to this forum and I didn’t search much if there was the same topic as this with other name, so sorry if this is a duplicated.

I’m user and predicator of OSM and I find it very useful, but, honestly, there is a lack of comercial information, such as neew set up shops, markets, commerces… and their timetable.
This, logically, happens due to the personal and not corporative essence of OSM. But it becomes a worse option when comes about commerce.

Privative maps such as Google Map is completly thought to be a commercial map (having on top of all them), what is annoying, but sometimes useful.

My proposal and doubt is whether it could be possible to somehow import that kind of info automatically from privative maps, both technically and regarding licenses (also ethically).
This would ease lot of work and improve the most lacking feature of OSM.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue porting the info viewed on privative maps to OSM manually.

I wait answers, thanks!!

Please do not do anything of the sort, you risk having all your work reverted. Both our contributor terms (that you agreed to) and numerous other documents make it very clear that copying from proprietary sources is not allowed and will not be tolerated…