Imagery offset

Very often newbie to OSM start their contribution with moving old or create new objects according imagery. They just don’t know imagery can be offset. Especially for mountainous areas imagery offset can be great. I am trying to include notification for both editors JOSM and Potlach.
Do we have any link about imagery offset and how to use it with different editors? It can be something similar to page in Russian.

starting from the OSM wiki page about “Bing” there is a link to

Does that help?

I saw that page.

Not really. It’s about True_Offset_Process, which is not running. I’m looking for a page explaining users how to set offset manually using different editors.

hmmm … also no hint about offset handling at

So it seems that there is a lack of information about that.

Maybe we should extend the already existing wiki pages or create a new wiki page about that topic.

I created wiki page: It is based on Russian wiki page. Take a look and if you want, go ahead and modify it, add pictures and so on.

I guess we are missing a page like this. It’s a good idea.

I’ve done some rewriting to fix english. But also I’d say you have a little too much faith in GPS. I’ve corrected the page accordingly. GPS can record with an offset due a bad fix, and I think very often gadget lovers are too quick to trust a single GPS trace from their beloved device. You should actually average over at least three traces taken on different days before you declare bing imagery to be wrong.

Of course that’s what people end up doing anyway if they’re mapping much in a particular area, so I’m not saying you’re doing it wrong. But in a wiki page like this we need to be careful not to create the opposition problem: Some new mapper comes along with their shiny new device, takes a GPS trace, and then starts shifting lots of data based on that.

I like your image examples. There’s another wiki page I created recently called Armchair mapping which covers some of the same points. I’ve taken your example image for there too.

Harry, thanks for fixes. I know the problems associated with GPS signal, but it’s a good point and I will include it in Russian page as well. Actually this pages will be included in JOSM and hopefully Potlatch notification as “Reed more…” :

P.s. I read you wiki page, we already start and will finish translate it.

If any one can make screenshots with high resolution Bing, clear tracks and nice view before and after offset? So far we have just one version:(: