I'm very confused

I am getting very confused with how to download and install in my Garmin 3670 maps of Australia. A while ago I managed to install the New Zealand maps which worked very well. I can’t for the life of me remember to do it again for Australia.

I downloaded the MAC version “OSM generic routable(AUS_27-05-2018).gmap” to my desktop. I’m not sure what to do next. The GPS is plugged in.

A detailed tutorial would help immensely.



There are specific sub-forums for Garmin maps questions.

The Garmin subforum. The short form of the answer is: install the maps into MapSource and use MapSource to install the maps into your Garmin receiver.

ok I’ve got this file: OSM generic routable(AUS_27-05-2018).gmap

Where does it go on the Garmin - I’ve put a copy of it into “maps” where the other NZ maps are but still doesn’t show up when I select My Maps on the Garmin. I couldn’t find a MAC copy of MapSource


The _gmapsupp.zip version is intended to be unpacked to the GPS device SD-card. Not the gmap version.