I'm being blocked by Woodpeck

So i started creating a note near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, about the Ho Chi Minh City - Ben Tre - Soc Trang Expressway project. However, CurlingMan13 keeps resolving it so i continued to engage with him until Woodpeck blocks my account, like Bvonter23 does. Now i have provided this link link deleted by moderator at request of community members to my YouTube video that i just uploaded, to ensure this project is real.

Your account was blocked because you are the same person as Bvonter23
(whose block will expire in a few days) and because you keep insisting
that people engage with a commercial third-party platform rather than
discussing things on OSM (eg Note: 4103891 | OpenStreetMap).


About "Note"s: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Notes

Notes is a core feature of the OpenStreetMap.org website. It enables you to add a comment on the map to assist others in mapping/editing OpenStreetMap. Other users can respond to your notes, for example to ask for additional details if necessary. Example of a valid and useful note can be “a new road was constructed here” or “this shop is closed and does not exist anymore”.

Please note that OSM is a project to map the observable reality. While it is sometimes tolerated to add important projects which are about to be realized (proposed), it is also disputed as it is not about the physical reality. If you added this proposed expressway yourself, I guess it might well have been passed, because expressways are considered very important, but adding a note asking others to do it, likely not.

IMHO it was ok to close the note, and if Woodpeck is right about you evading a block on another account (and he is experienced about this), then you should wait until this first block expires.


We, as Vietnamese, will keep revert your nonsensical edits. You will have nothing to gain from this battle.


Wait, is this the same guy that keeps trying to map the bridge that doesn’t exist in Vietnam?


Let’s stop feeding the trolls (they eat popcorn, duh).

@woodpeck is obviously correct in blocking such nonsense.

Now we are wasting valuable volunteer time in people even reading this nonsense (43 clicks on the link to the note above as of my writing this post). Threads like this are best closed to avoid giving any more attention to behavior clearly incompatible with a collaborative project.


This topic has been closed due to requests from the community.