Ha Tien - Phu Quoc Sea-Crossing Bridge Project

The Ha Tien - Phu Quoc Sea-Crossing Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu vượt biển Hà Tiên - Phú Quốc) was the longest sea-crossing bridge project over the Ha Tien Bay in Vietnam, connecting Ha Tien with Phu Quoc, de-islanding the city. The construction is planned to begin in around mid-2026, and expected to be completed in late 2036, but the real problem starts now in OpenStreetMap: I was adding a note about the Ha Tien - Phu Quoc Sea Crossing Bridge project that were exist from YouTube videos, but however Fizzie41 keeps resolving one of the notes including this project, Cao Lanh - Ho Chi Minh City Expressway, Hong Ngu - Tra Vinh Expressway, Ca Mau - Dat Mui Expressway and it’s cities, and Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 4, and i have the last warning before Fizzie41 blocks my account again and i don’t want it to happen again. So please, can you tell me the reason why did you do that and why are you not commenting on my YouTube video as provided by that link below guys?

Here’s a link to my YouTube video that i uploaded, so to watch and discuss more with Fizzie41 in comments.

Wait, so you’re the guy from the US that keeps adding a bridge that doesn’t exist in Vietnam to the map and gets mad that other mappers keep removing it? And then you made a bunch of YouTube videos about this bridge that doesn’t exist and cited them as proof that the bridge exists?


Well done, sir. This is comedy gold and world class trolling.

Consider yourself lucky that you haven’t been permanently banned yet.

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I’ll probably regret trying to give a serious answer, but here goes anyway :slight_smile:

First things first - some context can be found at a previous thread here. Fizzie41 is acting on behalf of OSM’s Data Working Group because you were adding fictional data to OSM.

Things that go into OSM are generally speaking verifiable on the ground. “Verifiable” means (in the case of a bridge) someone can go there and see a bridge. In the case of a bridge under construction, they’d see a building site and part of a bridge. If it’s planned, they might not see any construction yet but they would see a bunch of official paperwork saying that a bridge is going to be built.

A youtube video created by some (expletive deleted) on the other side of the planet does not count as verifiable evidence for anything.

You’ll see a bunch of references in the OSM wiki to “assume good faith”. That means even if it looks like someone is vandalising or trolling or doing something else bad, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt in case it’s really just a communication problem. However, given that you have been banging on about this for so long and have refused or been unable to provide any actual evidence for this project, we have to assume that this is, as Brian said above, “comedy gold and world class trolling”.

You’ve already been officially warned by a moderator of these forums. I’d be rather surprised if this thread lasts very much longer, given that the previous one was closed by a forum moderator.

Answering the question below here by edit, since the topic is closed:

Currently @Bvonter23 is welcome to edit real on the ground features in OpenStreetMap. If however they (or some other account) tries to re-add the nonexistent “bridge” then people in OSM will notice and we will take further action.


This topic is closed. @Bvonter23, if you persist in reviving this topic, the moderators will vote on whether to suspend you from the forum.

Is the @osmf-data-wg considering a ban on this mapper for persistently adding a non-existent bridge?