IGO 8 and other In-Dash GPS Units

Hi everyone. I would like to install and in-dash radio/gps unit in my car. The problem is that I am in Honduras and all of the units I’ve seen don’t have maps for my area.

In general, is it possible to install custom or OSMs into in-dash units like JVC, Pioneer, ect?

I know that one Boss unit has IGO 8 as the gps, none of the others specify who makes the gps. Many thanks for all the help, and I apologize if this topic has been covered many times before. If so, just point me to some threads.


From the OSM-side that’s possible. What is a problem is whether they use a dataformat with a good specification available, and then someone (you?) would have to write a tool to convert OSM-Data to this format. So you would have to ask your vendor (or manufactor or whoever) about that. I fear they’re likely using some DRM-shit because they don’t wan’t someone “stealing” their chance to sell their own bad maps…

AFAIK there are some navigation devices based on android that you can install in your car as a radio replacement. Try to find some of them, because there are some android apps available who do a good job in routing.

Tell us if you have found some devices.

If you found other devices, it is important to know what operating system is used there.