If HOT has also their own Discord Server, How it will be?

Hi Community! If We Have, I mean HOT has also their own Discord Server, How it will be? I want to share an idea, maybe anyone thinks before me, but I am just asking if HOT has their Discord Server, that will be best. Opportunities:

  1. Unlimited Meeting with Unlimited Guests
  2. Record of Members and their Activities (That, he/she is online or doing something)
  3. Specific roles and Custom Emojis (For Emojis in free mode without boost it will be limited but okay)
  4. Lots of funny game
  5. Embed the server link on the website
  6. Can Create Voice Channels (Private/Public), Roles (Moderators, Staff or many more)
  7. Anyone can get support easily, they don’t need to join like zoom link or etc.

What do you think?


I’m very skeptical about open source projects using proprietary services like Discord or zoom. I’d prefer to use self hosted solutions like BigBlueButton - OpenStreetMap Wiki



Hey guys,

Please, do use Matrix. It has everything that Discord has + the benefit that one can cross over from one area to another. We’re using it with the Belgian community and are very happy with it.

Also: it’s FLOSS and decentralized.

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Here is the information about Matrix: Matrix - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Why do you think that yet another closed platform (Discord) is better than the current one (Slack)?

Please, use open tools/platforms to support open ecosystem.