Identifying oneway streets where cyclists may ride against traffic

I’m basically new to OSM. I was curious where cyclists are allowed to ride against traffic on oneway streets. I thought it might be possible to find out by the ‘oneway’ and ‘oneway:bicycle’ tags, but it turns out that at least in Amsterdam the ‘oneway:bicycle’ tag is usually NULL (background here: I have two questions:

  • Did I interpret the oneway tags correctly?
  • If so, would it make sense to add ‘oneway:bicycle’ information?

Netherland has a subforum where you can ask questions:

Thanks, I’ll post my question there

Also have a look at the OSM wiki about

→ and any value with “opposite” or similar.

Thanks for the explanation stephan75! In case anyone is interested, people at the Netherlands forum also pointed to this link where you can see specific tags on the map: