IDENTIFIABLE tracks not displayed in ID editor

GPS traces that have visibility marked as IDENTIFIABLE are not shown in ID editor when “OpenStreetMap GPS traces” option is selected.

For example the following track is not displayed.

Is this a known issue? Are there any workarounds available ?

I can see it with Firefox 41.
If I click on edit on your linked side and also if I move the map to the position, activate locale GPS files and wait for some seconds to load.
Maybe a cache problem of your browser?

I am using Firefox 33.1 under Fedora. I tried it in a different browser (webkit based) and the problem persists.

I can also see the track if I click edit. But the track is not displayed in ID editor when the GPS tracks overlay is selected. I am posting an image to illustrate this.


The thing that converts GPS traces into the background layer is here, I think:

With iD you do have the option of dragging and dropping the GPX file on the editor. Does that work?

Adding a local GPX file works fine. Issue is only with the GPX traces background layer.

Checked in other editors

  • Works fine in Potlatch2.
  • The issue is present in JOSM when GPX traces background layer is selected.
    But not when GPX data is downloaded. The traces are displayed fine then.

Bug Report Submitted