Idea - tiles@home client permanetly running in the background


Am I right that tiles@home must be started manually? I dindn’t find an answer in the wiki :roll_eyes:

Some years ago, i joint the project. They used a client software, running as idle task to calculate radio signals from a radio teleskop.

The user had nothing to do than to install the software and enter his login data.

The software

  1. requested a new datafile from the seti@home server
  2. downloaded the data
  3. calculated and analysed it
  4. uploaded the results
  5. jumped to 1.

perhaps tiles@home or osmrender could use the same technology…

best regards


Tiles@home must be started manually AND you need to request a username/password in order to be able to get render requests and upload the results.

There is a section in the T@H Install guide about passwords.

Because Tiles@home does not use an encrypted or otherwise signed method for preventing users to upload crappy tiles, therefore most T@H users are well know users of the project (which can be considered thrustworthy). So you might find your password request denied, dunno actually.

Note: Tiles@home has way more CPU power (i.e. lots of contributors) at it’s disposal than the servers at OSM can handle, so you’ll find that your client is mostly doing nothing…

Update: Tiles@Home is moved to another server last night and can use new render clients again. So if you have a fast machine with lots of RAM available for 24/7 rendering, here’s your duty call :stuck_out_tongue:

The largest tiles currently require 4GB of RAM to render so your machine needs to be up to the task. (64bit OS, minimum 2GB RAM) …

There isn’t really any selection when requesting a password actually. Instead a unique password is used for each person so they can be removed if there is a problem. In the future I suspect it will have to be more careful though.