Idea:Realization of simple browser-based interface to name unnamed str

Dear all,

maybe this idea has been already proposed, but I feel it could be advantageous to establish a simple, browser based frontend or an extension of the current renderers where people, that do not have the OSM expertise but the local knowledge of street names, can tag the streets directly. Very often people are interested in contributing but are not willing to dig into the OSM world in all details.

From a practical point of view:
1.) by clicking on a UNnamed street (e.g. slippymap in a browser window) a simple window pops up, where the basics can be entered (name, character,surface) and the data will be directly upladed to the OSM database
2.) This procedure should be done w/o login account or -better- after a very simple registration.
3.) This procedure should only refer to unnamed streets and takes into account, that it is better to have a misspelled or incorrect name instead of no name.

What is your opinon?
Thanks and merry christmas to all of you