Idea: Rain shelter points for hikers/bikers at non-residential area

These points could help people to find a nearest shelter during storm or rain at woodlands, highlands and all non-residential area.

Shelter points could be a:

  • Bridges (shelter under the bridge)
  • caves
  • abandoned buildings
  • tunnels
  • any objects having roof

All of these items can already be mapped. It is just a matter of making them visible on a map. Not all maps will display those things, but then you have to ask the map maker (or app maker) to include them.

man_made=bridge or bridge = yes
tunnel = yes
building = roof, layer = 1

I doubt a bit about

building=abandoned or abandoned:building=yes . I’m not sure this is the best way to tag those buildings.

and there is also

amenity=shelter where shelter can be specified further with shelter_type=public_transport/weather/field_shelter, etc.