iD - Two lines on top of each other

I’m trying to edit a Bridleway - the problem is there’s two lines directly on top of each other.

•An Abandoned Railway Line
•The Bridleway (Named as Trans Pennine Trail)


I can select the Abandoned Railway line, but I can’t find a way to select the Bridleway that’s underneath it.
If there’s two lines on top of each other how do I selct/edit the one underneath?

middle mouse click in josm I think. That will cycle the selection.

Haven’t seen any shortcuts or mouse tricks yet.

The stupidest idea for iD:

  • Select Line
  • Delete all Relations
  • Select a node of the line
  • Type ‘D’ for disjoining nodes
  • Move node on the top

→ You have 2 lines

  • Fix overlaying lines
  • Maybe separate lines by relations for easier selection next time
  • Add previous relations again

First select any node on the line.
Next press Shift-E (Or Adjacent ways from the Selection menu).
Now you can select the desired object from the selected objects.

Or use the middle-mouse click suggested by kucai.