iD: Split line into two

There is a road that is partly one-way and so I need to split it into two parts. How can I do this in the iD editor?

If you click on the node where you want to split the way, a scissors icon pops up … or not?

No Scissors icon. Does anyone know how to split a line into two?

Select the way, click on a node of the selected way so that it gets selected and then there will scissors in the floating tool palette. Works for me on Windows Vista 32 bit and Firefox.

Old topic, but the problem keeps reappearing. The palette with options like ‘Split’, ‘Merge’, etc. does appear even when objects are correctly selected.

I use a workaround: press X to split (with the node selected). Should you need to merge, press C (with all the concerned objects selected).

right click, or on a mac, alt click (or tap with two fingers) to make that palette appear

In my case, there is no node where I want to split the line. So the question is:How to add a node?

Double click on the line in place where you want to make a new node.